If there is a sector that has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is the events’ one. The obligation to keep social distance, the impossibility of traveling and the prohibition of crowds have served to further boost the trend that has been on the rise for some time: the online events’ organisation. For this purpose, Nunify was created, a virtual events platform that allows companies to organise multidimensional events (both 100% online and hybrid) in a simple way and offering a unique experience to users: from conferences, congresses, networking, online courses or exhibitions.

Nunify is not only the key that will allow you to carry out a virtual event successfully but also:

  • It will position you as a benchmark in your sector:
    • Broadcast live different sessions at the same time with up to 1M attendees.
    • Offer discussion spaces in which various users can debate and share their ideas.
    • Provide presentations and videos to users in specific spaces so they will be able to access them whenever they want.
  • It will boost your networkings:
    • Organise 1-1 video conferences and add reminders to prevent anyone from forgetting the appointment.
    • Take advantage of meeting rooms to discuss and close your sales.
  • It will increase engagement and interaction with your users:
    • Offer interactive sessions including question and answer activities, hand raising, surveys…
    • Provide a room in which attendees engage and socialise with each other.
    • Includes gamification and other activities such as contests or competitions so that the level of interaction of your users increases.

What are the Nunify advantages in comparison with other platforms?

Among all the options that Nunify offers you, you can find the possibility of hosting and managing multiple videoconferences at the same time; accessing them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; broadcasting the events through professional audiovisual equipment; integrating the registration of attendees and ticketing on the platform; broadcasting the videos in HD, with no delay and live via Facebook and YouTube; offering sponsored spaces and providing a comprehensive analysis based on ROI figures; and the option of promoting interaction with users through gamification, accessing to virtual rooms or participation in conferences by directly inviting them to the fore. In addition, Nunify is a totally secure tool at enterprise level because it complies with ISO 27001 and GDPR standards.

How does Nunify work?

This tool works as a congress centre where you can access different sessions or presentations simultaneously. To do this, users only have to choose the room in which the session they are interested in is being offered and click. Then, they can enjoy the presentation in streaming and interact with both speakers and attendees, so it is not only a one-way communication. In this way, you can achieve a better assimilation of the contents and a greater commitment on the part of the users.

In short, the events sector has had to accelerate its digital transformation, which has forced companies to seek alternatives to face-to-face conferences. And it is clear that this trend is here to stay. Hence the importance of choosing well the tools with which we organise our virtual events if we want them to be a complete success.

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